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Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, having a good bookkeeping system in place can save you a huge amount of time. Record keeping, reporting, completing tax returns and ensuring you’re fully HMRC compliant can sometimes seem like daunting tasks. ADD Accounting Solutions can meet all your bookkeeping needs, either based on your premises or ours. Our services can be tailored to your exact needs, with either hourly or fixed fee contracts available. We also undertake ad hoc / one-off type activity.


Our professional payroll team can provide you with a payroll service tailored to suit your business needs as well as meet all the necessary reporting to HMRC.


Our services cover all aspects of payroll including:

  • Registration of employer / employees;

  • Producing reports, forms and pay slips (at a frequency agreed by you) to ensure compliance with HMRC Real Time Information requirements;

  • Processing of the additional requirements of the tax year end; 

  • All deductions / attachment of earnings administered;

  • Pension / Auto enrolment;

  • Journal posting for each pay period.



Ensuring that your VAT returns are filed accurately and in a timely manner is essential to ensuring full compliance with your VAT responsibilities and to avoid any penalties. HMRC’s ‘Making Tax Digital‘ programme means that your business processes may have to change from April 2019 to ensure that you are keeping your VAT records digitally and that your returns are filed electronically (not using the HMRC platform that is currently in place). We can work with you to find a solution that fits your business model and prepares you for the changes ahead.


The Construction Industry Scheme is in place to facilitate the collection of taxes from those working within the construction industry. If you are working in the construction industry, either as a contractor, a sub-contractor or working on a construction site the work you do may fall under the CIS scheme.


At ADD Accounting Solutions we can help with all aspects of CIS, from initial registration, monthly administration and all CIS tax related issues.

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