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FD Services

If your business could benefit from the expertise of a Financial Director but not on a full time basis, why not utilise ADD Accounting Solutions where you can hire us at a frequency to suit you, either regular weekly or monthly basis or for a concentrated block of time.

Strategic Planning

Understanding where you want to take your business and having a plan.

on how you are going to do this is essential for all directors and managers. Whether its planning a large investment, sourcing additional funding or simply ensuring you are in control of your cash flow, we can work with you to ensure that all your business decisions are working towards your goals.

Business Start up / Company formation

Just starting out, or reaching a milestone with your existing business, and in need of advice on the options available to you? Or if you need to ensure that you are operating the best business structure for your tax position, ADD Accounting Solutions can provide all the support you need to make the best decisions for your business.


Project Management

Does your business have plans for a large scale project but you don’t have the project management experience in-house? ADD Accounting Solutions have extensive Project Management experience covering all phases – business case planning, securing funding, operational implementation, reporting/monitoring and benefit tracking / review.

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